Sunday, February 28, 2010

High School Art Class (senior 05-06)

Since art was so fun I took another class ;p

The first semester was supposed to be focused on commercial art and the second was a sort of studio lab where we get to do whatever we want. Having too much freedom was a little too much and didn't make me want to really do anything so I wasn't as productive as I could have been.

Especially with all the things going on senior year:
Classes (making sure I pass and good grades so I can graduate and go to a decent college), friends (hangning out since we may never see each other for a long time or never ahaha),
tennis, clubs (including art),
trying to find out what college to go to and a few occasional cases of senioritis. ;p

I still remember those days of doing some extra studying or homework during my studio time.

Despite all that, I was able to produce a few things and still have fun doing it.

This is a sketch I did on one of my spanish worksheets. haha. It's supposed to be a character from Animatrix which I translated to black and white for a later painting (black paint on white paper).

I was still relatively new to drawing things from life. This was one of those white on black teckniques for a still life. Not great, but it's worth putting up to show my early attempts.

A woodcut ( really cardboard ) of a random robot bomber thing. Fun stuff.

Ah...and a Warcraft piece! Around this time my friends and I were seriously addicted to the Warcraft 3 video game. I did this Night Elf piece (my favorite race at the time) from reference and put them together. It was the ink stippling technique. Quite addicting putting all those dots and making values with them despite being so time consuming. 
Lesson: Don't try to do too many things all at once... breath!

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