Monday, March 1, 2010

Basic Drawing Spring 2008

College!!! So many big changes for me, school, friends, and family.
Coming into Fullerton College I was still pretty much undecided. But after taking a career and life planning class, researching more about careers, and taking a chance of what I really desire... I decided to pursue ART!!! go figure.

After some GEDs and a few electives like automotive, photography, and basic design, I finally got into a Basic Drawing class in my 4th semester.

This was quite a turning point for me as I started to get more experience in drawing and learning lots and lots about what I'm getting myself into. Dangerously fun.

After my 2nd semester in basic design class with Bob Miller, I asked him who I should take for drawing, and he said "Jim Dowdalls" without even hesitating. So I did...a year later and these are some of the things I did in there:

This is the first time I really learned about the term "gesture drawing." It was very new to me and we drew everything from life! We would spend the whole class basically drawing random objects in front of us for a certain amount of time. One of the things that took me a while to get used to was holding my pencil differently while drawing so that I can use most of my arm instead of just my fingers. Man, it was pretty hard at first and took me out of my comfort zone. But it didn't really take that long to get used to it (a couple weeks) and it really has paid off.
We also learned about contour lines, line quality, and lines lines lines. This is suppose to be a skull of a small dog like creature...

And then putting the gestures and line quality together by drawing countless flowers and their complex forms. I remember just staring at the flowers sometimes; not because of how "pretty" they were, but how challenging it was and I wasn't sure where to start at times! hahaha.

Near the end of the semester we started to put all kinds of the things we learned together and went for some perspective! We had to draw the entire class from our viewpoint (4 class sessions) and in the middle were stacks of boxes. Crazy and challenging, but it has certainly paid off!

Some part of a tree. Just wood and roots or something. Ink and wash. It was pretty fun.

Then we did a copy of a master of our choice (from the selected pile). I chose to copy this from Michelangelo. At first I felt like it was cheating or something...especially with the grids and all, but it was a great way to learn technique and many other things as I later find out...

A still life of a bull skull in charcoal... I call this piece "Charcow" ;p
I remember I was pretty stote when I was able to get the gesture of it pretty quickly.
Not bad too for using charcoal the first time =D

The final project was a take home assignment and the only thing we didn't draw from life, but from a photograph. ( I do not own the original photograph I drew from or have the rights to it just for the record)
But here it is enlarged and done in charcoal. I started to like charcoal after these two projects. hehe

Lesson: Make sure you try and learn as much as you can even if it takes you out of your comfort zone. Especially when you know the things you are trying to learn will ultimately pay off and help you get better at whatever you are pursuing. Stick with it and do your best. Don't give up or not try it because it's "too hard" or "too different." Take chances and give it a try.

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