Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Figure Drawing Fall 2008: Long Poses

And of course the long poses for the classes. We started 20 minutes then moved on to 30, 40, and hour poses as the semester went on. These are about in order... I think. I tried dating them all, but of course I forget sometimes.

China marker... nice tool. It looks almost like charcoal, but it's made of wax like crayola crayons haha. I just didn't like the string that got in the way sometimes... or even worse... when I press too hard I break it and try to "peel" off the wrapper and fail at it... (sigh)

I remember this guy was a newb model haha. It was supposedely his first day... so awkward for him. I tried to make the background a bit more interesting... cuz he was holding a large stick-pole thing.

I really liked how this composition turned out. wuhaha. got that feeling yo! I like it better than the drawing below in which I spent way more time on... and reclining poses are the hardest... so much foreshortening and stuff.

With this, I tried using only a vine charcoal to see how far I can go with it.

And some portraits... about 40 to an hour each. Again... I tried to be creative with the background haha. (below) I dappled it using the dirty chamois we use for wiping off/on charcoal and contes. Experiment and have fun! ;p

After seeing all these I remember improving a bit from my "beginner" class, but I did a lot of measuring and I didn't feel like I got the gesture of the pose that well. I needed more practice with construction, composing and "rendering" my values. I still wanted to know how to show the forms in the best possible light.

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