Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Figure Drawing Summer 2008: (part 1) Quickies & Line Excercises

During the Summer of 2008, I took a couple of art classes: Color Theory and Figure Drawing-the highlight of that season.

What made the class so memorable and fun was the atmosphere of the class.

Most of the people were really cool and we all got along pretty well for those short 5 weeks.

Today, I still continue to keep in touch and even take classes with some of the students I met that summer.

And of course, we had a fun, informative, and spontaneous teacher in Maestro Javier Alvarez.

These were some of the things I did in the class... and we definitely drew a lot!

My first attempts at figure gestures. Quite hard especially with the short time limit; Anywhere between 2 minutes to 5 seconds per pose! I remember we even did some

gestures while the model moved very slowly.

"Arrow technique"- Tried to do gestures with the economy of line.

Gesture drawing in ink. (sharpie)

Contour line/gesture.

We did tons of line practices as well. It was very fun to explore different ways of drawing and new ways of seeing things. We were even introduced to "Mr. Slimy" ahahaa

Discontinued line/line weight

Continuous line- Don't lift that pencil!

Cross contours

And an assignment where we had to draw a portrait of someone from life. I drew Perla, from my color theory class. She was cool, I wonder how she is doing. We basically had to draw on top of a guide sheet that Maestro gave us. Profile and front view.

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