Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Figure Drawing Summer 2008: (part 2) Long Poses

Of course we had some relatively longer drawings:

After the first day of drawing (or was it 2nd) Maestro Alvarez gave us some freedom near the end of class and let us use any medium, draw however we want because we were "such good students" haha. This was a 20 or so minute pose. Now that I see this drawing again (above)... I felt like I drew better when I first started. I was quicker with my gesture, had better contruction and draftsmanship skills... what the heck!?

The next long pose we had was a model dressed up as a chef. haha. I just added the extra props on the side for illustrative purposes ;p

What a crazy/cool looking model. We had to draw the model while drawing the skeleton underneath as well. Good excercise. The model reminded me of pirates! harrRRrr! he had so many tatoos and piercings... crazy.

I played around with some techniques. Here I used vine charcoal and used hatched lines. Pretty cool, he looks like he's glowing. He also had plastic swords for props ha.

This was our final for the class... a 2 day pose of 3 models! (about 6 hours total I think)

I tried experimenting with hatching and cross hatching techniques in graphite.

All in all, that was a great summer class witht such a great atmosphere because of all the awesome people. I remember entertaining some people with some of my dance moves haha. Good times, good times. Too bad I can't say the same for some of my other classes.
Lesson: Get to know people and be willing to share your comments about their work so that they can be motivated and learn as well. It's a great way to meet friends and make the learning experience in a classroom that much better. In this summer class our teacher made us walk around ("art walk") to view what other people are doing in order to learn, improve, and motivate each other. He then asked for volunteers for anyone to comment about someone elses work. Be willing to help others and the favors will return to you.


  1. yves! your drawings are really cool! :D

  2. thanks Jade! i'll be updating more soon ;)