Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Illustration Fall 2008

After trying to look more into the art fields, I decided take a path on being an Illustrator after taking my basic drawing class... what a jump! So what the heck? Why not take an Illustration class? This class was also taught by my former basic drawing teacher, which was also my figure drawing teacher the same semester.

The class was composed mostly of critiques and a lot of homework doing thumbnails, refining, more refining, critiques, and more refining...

For the first project we had to choose 3 words out of envelopes: A character, an animal and an occupation. I ended up getting a "Inquisitive Cat Artist"
Those pretty much fit together already, but it was still fun, but not as fun as an "Angry Wolf Kung Fu Instuctor!" wahahah... plus, I wasn't a cat person... more into dogs ;p

We drew from imagination and reference. Our objective was to create an anthropomorphic illustration from the 3 words we got.

The second project was to make a poster for the El Dorado Nature Center, in Long Beach.
We even had a field trip over there so that we can do some sketches and take pictures before we started to work on the project...

The following are some of my comps that I did in watercolor.

Then the final piece quickly scanned and edited in Photoshop.

The 3rd and last project we did in the class was to do an illustration based on a science fiction or horror novel. I chose a novel titled Dragon Delasangre by Alan F. Troop. I read those back in High school... I struggled a lot with this project... mainly because I didn't get the results I wanted (lack of skills and time). I was trying to do waaaay to many things that semester, but it was quite an experience.

The class was okay and I did get to meet some great art students too, who I happend to take other classes with in that semester and others to follow. They were really good! Good thing some of them are pretty cool.
The thing that really bugged me about the class was how much time we had for each project... we ended up spending 8 weeks on the first one. I remember we had 4 projects planned for the semester, but only ended doing 3 of them. One would think that getting a lot of time on a project would be a good thing, but for me I felt it killed the fun. I got sick of refining the heck out of the same drawing. The critiques were good and all, but too much is baaaaad! Constructive criticism is a good thing, but after all those weeks... I asked myself "how much of this piece is still actually mine." I felt like I was doing someone elses artwork. -_-
But I still learned lots of things ;D and that's what matters =p


  1. WOW YVES!!! youre amazing! i really like you illustration on the "inquisitive cat artist." please show more of your illustrations! :)

  2. COOOOOOOOOOOL!!! I'm on your awesome people list! :D