Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Since Marshall was the teacher to learn from, I signed up for his watercolor class as well...even though it was held on a SATURDAY!!! And for 6 hours! It seemed crazy to my friends that I would take a Saturday class, but it was waaaaay worth it.

Just like the other class, we spent time doing gestures for an hour. It was an exercise to practice our brush strokes and getting comfortable with the medium. Especially since watercolor is considered by many the "hardest medium" to use... because it's WATER!

Here are some of the gestures. Some ok, some "horrible" but one must be willing to do it poorly and do it a lot. In my early attempts, I wasn't doing it well because I was pretty much "drawing" instead of "painting."

The first major assignment was to do the flat wash technique on a stained glass type of design. I didn't do too bad with a bit of practice on 100% cotton paper! The good stuff.

I had trouble with the next project, which was to paint clouds with the wet-into-wet technique. First semester, I didn't really get it, and the second semester (after many attempts) I sort of got it... but still more practice needed. It's a fun technique and no way I'm giving up on that challenge.

The third project was to copy a photo and copy it exactly using the dry brush technique. It was ok, and I got most of the values, but trying to render fur at that stage was probably not the best idea...

This was a still life I did during the second semester of watercolor. I just wanted to try a technique I got from a book. Yes, yes, that's Naruto's coin pouch! A good friend gave it to me. It's nice and fat with coins haha. I still need to fix those coins though...

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  1. on a saturday?!?! i like your dedication!

    and i really like the look of the glass on the last image :D