Monday, May 31, 2010

Painting 2 (Spring 10)

After seeing all these paintings together, I realized that all my paintings from the first semester were all vertical, while my paintings from the previous were all horizontal...interesting.

The first project was to work from the same still life as painting 1 students, but instead of just black and white, we had to add some color to it and still see them as black, white, and grey objects. What a difference a year made...

The second painting was to do glazing again. For painting 2, we had a theme of "fruits and/or flowers". I worked from a picture of a still life I setup in my dining room. Glazing!!!... now I like it haha.

Third was to paint from a photograph and create more DEPTH than what is being shown. This was from a picture of my car that I took a few years ago.

The last project was called "Make it your own". My painting teacher gave us 2nd semester students all the same black and white photograph to work from. The minimum we had to do was crop and use color, but we could do whatever we wanted. This is what I did... it was okay.

Painting 1 (Spring 09)

Oil Oils Oily Oil Paints!

The first painting was a still life of basic forms. Black, white, and greys. It was a great way to learn the characteristics of the medium and how to handle it, but I was "rendering" more than "painting". The fact that I was learning how to render from Scott Robertson's DVDs influenced me to make it look clean.

Second painting was to learn how to glaze with oils from a still life of random objects presented to us. The underpainting was purple and white. Then we glazed the colors after. Not so fun the first time.

Third painting was to do a copy of a master. I chose John Singer Sargent of course. It wasn't going at well at all at first, but that changed when I went to go see an orginal Sargent painting at the Huntington Library. What an inspiration! Doing the painting also made me looser and painterly in my treatment.

The last project for that semester was to do a painting in the style of the master we copied. This was based from a picture of my mom and sister about 18 years ago. I may finish it someday.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Perspective and Rendering

White color pencil on black illustration board. Still life of a statuette.

For the perspective project, we had to choose a location on campus and draw outside. 18x24 First in pencil, then inked for the final.

This is a piece done from a photograph. Color pencils on top of grey value markers on grey paper. This made it into the annual student art show and I ended up winning a nice little scholarship award. sweeeeeet! tough competition too. But now I have one of the teachers on campus calling me "sardine man" since he loved how I rendered them. He says that when he saw it he wanted to go home and have some sardines...hahaha.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Drawing From the Masters: Animation

We started our days with this awesome intro...

Learning from Richard William's DVDs were great! Here is one of my favorite clips: building walks and passing positions

Here are a few pages of the MANY notes I took that semester...