Monday, May 31, 2010

Painting 1 (Spring 09)

Oil Oils Oily Oil Paints!

The first painting was a still life of basic forms. Black, white, and greys. It was a great way to learn the characteristics of the medium and how to handle it, but I was "rendering" more than "painting". The fact that I was learning how to render from Scott Robertson's DVDs influenced me to make it look clean.

Second painting was to learn how to glaze with oils from a still life of random objects presented to us. The underpainting was purple and white. Then we glazed the colors after. Not so fun the first time.

Third painting was to do a copy of a master. I chose John Singer Sargent of course. It wasn't going at well at all at first, but that changed when I went to go see an orginal Sargent painting at the Huntington Library. What an inspiration! Doing the painting also made me looser and painterly in my treatment.

The last project for that semester was to do a painting in the style of the master we copied. This was based from a picture of my mom and sister about 18 years ago. I may finish it someday.

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