Sunday, May 30, 2010

Perspective and Rendering

White color pencil on black illustration board. Still life of a statuette.

For the perspective project, we had to choose a location on campus and draw outside. 18x24 First in pencil, then inked for the final.

This is a piece done from a photograph. Color pencils on top of grey value markers on grey paper. This made it into the annual student art show and I ended up winning a nice little scholarship award. sweeeeeet! tough competition too. But now I have one of the teachers on campus calling me "sardine man" since he loved how I rendered them. He says that when he saw it he wanted to go home and have some sardines...hahaha.


  1. holy crap!

    when i first saw your sardine work i thought it was the actually photograph 'o'

    very good job yves!

  2. Thanks Jade! *hugs* ^^ hahaa