Saturday, July 31, 2010

A month of Disc Golf and Pirates!

I spent a lot of my summer free time outdoors, mostly playing disc golf in the month of July. It's soooo addicting. Never heard of it? It's a game of golf involving a disc (aka frisbee) and you throw it into a basket anywhere from 200 to 450+ feet depending on the "hole" basket. My quick illustration should give some insight to it.

I also spent a lot of time reading One Piece! After 3 weeks, I finally caught up and now declare OP as my favorite. What a fun July. Now enough of my excuses... back to the other fun... art!

Sketch and Self Portrait #1

Last minute update for the month haha. Here is a quicky self portrait I did of me and one sketch (more like a doodle) I did this month. I got the idea of putting a sketch and a self portrait together from an artist named Hung Liu who was the recent Artist in Residence for Fullerton College. She's a pretty good painter. I'll try to keep this up every month. I am rusty.