Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Self Portrait and Sketch #3

I had the impulse to grab a sharpie once I set up a mirror on my table to draw myself. Quick and fun.

Also did a crazy doodle then scanned it and played around with some brushes in PS. Sooo many brushes... I used like 3... out of a gazillion different ones that it comes with... I wonder why I would even need to make my own brushes like others have mentioned. Still can't wait to get a Wacom Tablet!!!!

School stuff

Been doing a lot of horse studies and a ton of time playing around in Photoshop.

After learning some PS painting techniques by rendering boxes... we have moved on to coloring an old truck that our instructor drew.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1 Point Excercise

It's been super record breaking hot here in SOCAL and that's no exaggeration. We hit in the 110 degrees and up around here and you can feel it. Been a long day: disc golf, class, and little bros birthday. Super tired, but couldn't sleep because of the heat. But it was a good thing because I had an itch to practice some 1 point perspective and ended up having a blast. I had a minor creative explosion and came up with a few pretty cool environments. It may seem like scribbles, but some may be worth taking furthur. Can't wait to get a wacom tablet and bust out some more sketches in Photoshop.