Monday, January 31, 2011

New Sketchbook...START!!!

Got a new and sexy looking sketchbook today along with a bunch of supplies for CDA.

"Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" is a title of a book by Susan Jeffers
that I read a few years back. It's a great book. I was curious to what it was really about so I gave it a try. It's not about Phobias nor anything about, big long-term fears, but more on the everyday fears we all face as humans. It helped me relearn and redefine what a fear really is. I highly recommend it even just for the entertainment. Don't be put off that it's a "self help" book, it teaches a lot.

So I felt like writing something on the first pages I drew on in my new sketchbook, and I thought this was totally appropriate.

I mean isn't it a bit scary starting a new, clean, and innocent sketchbook? Wanting to make sure the first impression turns out great. And for a guy like me who hardly draws in a sketchbook, except for notes and all, I was quite hesitant at first. Well I felt that fear and charged through it anyway! Maybe that's what the image was all about ;p

And when I was all done, it kind of reminds me of a Dr. Seuss book cover.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

To the next LEVEL!

One more week left until I start my 3 new classes at Concept Design Academy!

I first heard about CDA from Christie Tseng when I met her at Fullerton JC (about 2 and a half years ago).
I forgot exactly what I asked her, but she gave me an index card with a list:
Kevin Chen
Concept Design Academy
Imagine FX Magazine
Yu-Gi-Oh abridged

Then she said "just google these"

I didn't think much of it then. Maybe not sure nor satisfied with the answer to my seemingly feeble of a question? Whatever it was at the time, I eventually looked em up and after seeing the instructors work at CDA...

I knew I was not ready for it.

So I spent more semesters practicing, preparing and taking classes at FJC. Teachings mostly from Marshall Vandruff.

Seems so long, yet fast, and the time has finally come...

but for now, it's time for another trip to Art Supply Warehouse and a secret mission to the Art Center student art store.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Self Portrait and Sketch

Happy 2011!

I know I'm 4 weeks late to say that, but it's still early, muhaha!
There is sooooooo much to be done, new things to learn, and people to meet.

Let's start off with the monthly self portrait and sketch shall we...

What a great and attractive drawing to start the new year. That's me as a gargoyle. A nerdy kind. Braces, glasses. Rawr! Any of you remember the old Gargoyles cartoon? I've started to watch em again on youtube and its soooo freakin' awesome. Great writing, animation, the whole shabang!

And a sketch from my sketchybook of a batman pikachu. It was for a "secret santa exchange" this group put together when we last saw each other before the winter break. You can check out the piece on my DA.