Friday, January 28, 2011

Self Portrait and Sketch

Happy 2011!

I know I'm 4 weeks late to say that, but it's still early, muhaha!
There is sooooooo much to be done, new things to learn, and people to meet.

Let's start off with the monthly self portrait and sketch shall we...

What a great and attractive drawing to start the new year. That's me as a gargoyle. A nerdy kind. Braces, glasses. Rawr! Any of you remember the old Gargoyles cartoon? I've started to watch em again on youtube and its soooo freakin' awesome. Great writing, animation, the whole shabang!

And a sketch from my sketchybook of a batman pikachu. It was for a "secret santa exchange" this group put together when we last saw each other before the winter break. You can check out the piece on my DA.

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