Monday, February 28, 2011

self portrait of the month

Drew this during a figure drawing workshop break. Felt like shit, head wanted to explode from the pain.

Santa Ana workshop

So I tried looking for a figure drawing workshop to do more homework and apply what I've learned for the first week at Kevin's class, but the only one I was able to attend had a long pose night. About 3 hours. I was suppose to be doing 5 minute poses, and I couldn't move around since the place was small (room for like 6 people?). But I made the most of it since I paid and drove all the way down there. These are the couple of drawings I was able to get from the time.

I'll probably go back once I'm taking long pose drawings or a figure painting class.
If anyone is interested and near the area (southern LA/northern OC) look up Courbet Art Circle. The lady named Shell ("like a sea shell or the gas station" haha),
who runs the place is awesome and funny.

Friday, February 18, 2011

No Turning Back!

Well hello there little fairy...

So I survived my first full week at Concept Design Academy. I did all the homework and went through the critiques. So far I'm very satisfied with all the information I've learned and feedback I've been getting from the instructors... and It's only week 2!!!
There are 8 more weeks to go and so much more to draw and learn...
and of course lots and lots of miles to drive. bleh. But it's definitely worth it.
Some of the people there commute farther than I do (San Fransisco... insane!)
So I can't complain.

And thanks to my parents who are able to keep investing in me and my future!

I've made many sacrifices, but they probably don't compare to what my parents or others have gone through to help me get to where I am... So I must keep taking full advantage and charged forward!!!

Aieieeyiyeiiyiyiiyie! (Xena battlecry)

CDA Start!!! Week 1 Intro to Character Design

My Wednesday night class: Intro to Character Design with Kevin Chen

Here's the homework for the first week. 20 pirate heads!
Very challenging, fun, and frustrating at the same time. So much to learn!

Well this was definitely the class I was eventually going to work towards, but I ended up taking it on the first term since Kevin Chen was teaching it!

My original plan was to just sign up only for Analytical Figure Drawing since I was such a newbie, but I felt I could of used an extra class to make the drive all the way to Pasadena worth while. So Christie recommended this class, which I already wanted to take... but only if Kevin was teaching... but he actually is, subbing for David Colman. It wasn't that I didn't want to take it with David Colman... I just wanted to learn from Kevin first, but he hasn't been teaching that Intro class for like 6 terms (2 years)...

What are the odds of that?!
So now I'm in the class, even though I feel a bit over my head.
People in there are so skilled and experience. In other words... they kick ass!

Well I'm in there, not intimidated, but super eager to learn and get better.

CDA Start!!! Week 1 Analytical Figure Drawing

My Sunday morning class: Analytical Figure Drawing with Kevin Chen

This was the only class I had originally planned to take... for like the past 2 years since I've learned about CDA.
Figure Drawing FTW!!!

These are the homework I posted on the class blog (yes we have to post our hw!)
Kevin Chen (the insturctor)thanked me for being the first one to post... but I honestly thought we were supposed to post things on the blog if we needed some help during the week...and I wanted help right away hahaha!

CDA Start!!! Week 1 Vis Com: Dynamic Sketching

My first CDA class on Saturday afternoons:
Vis Com 1: Dynamic Sketching with Peter Han

Here's the homework from the first week

Warm-ups that we were assigned to do once a day. So I have over 6 pages of these already.

We are only allowed to use pens and markers on toned paper. And occasional whites with a pen or color pencil. Fun stuff!