Friday, February 18, 2011

No Turning Back!

Well hello there little fairy...

So I survived my first full week at Concept Design Academy. I did all the homework and went through the critiques. So far I'm very satisfied with all the information I've learned and feedback I've been getting from the instructors... and It's only week 2!!!
There are 8 more weeks to go and so much more to draw and learn...
and of course lots and lots of miles to drive. bleh. But it's definitely worth it.
Some of the people there commute farther than I do (San Fransisco... insane!)
So I can't complain.

And thanks to my parents who are able to keep investing in me and my future!

I've made many sacrifices, but they probably don't compare to what my parents or others have gone through to help me get to where I am... So I must keep taking full advantage and charged forward!!!

Aieieeyiyeiiyiyiiyie! (Xena battlecry)


  1. lots of awesome work lately man. definitely jealous of all your CDA classes!

  2. thanks bro! Yeah man you should definitely take classes there if you can sometime. Even when you make it to Art Center YO!