Monday, February 28, 2011

Santa Ana workshop

So I tried looking for a figure drawing workshop to do more homework and apply what I've learned for the first week at Kevin's class, but the only one I was able to attend had a long pose night. About 3 hours. I was suppose to be doing 5 minute poses, and I couldn't move around since the place was small (room for like 6 people?). But I made the most of it since I paid and drove all the way down there. These are the couple of drawings I was able to get from the time.

I'll probably go back once I'm taking long pose drawings or a figure painting class.
If anyone is interested and near the area (southern LA/northern OC) look up Courbet Art Circle. The lady named Shell ("like a sea shell or the gas station" haha),
who runs the place is awesome and funny.

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