Thursday, March 31, 2011

Self Portrait of the Month

This should sum up my "March Madness"

Stress + Bliss = Too much for the senses

Rainbows poking my eyes out!

Story Sketch

Decided to revisit and remind myself of the story I made up awhile back. Sketched the page while in some fancy cafe in Pasadena.

Intro to Character Design

Ahh, the class I stress out the most for. haha
I chose the Jack and the Beanstalk story for the Re-Design and we had to come up with a cast of characters. So much refinement, so much feedback, so much to learn. Great stuff.

Analytical Figure Drawing

Stuff for my Analytical Figure Drawing class. We're basically learning how to lay in the figure the "Kevin Chen" way... and it's amazing! It's very precise in some ways, but in it's also one of the most versatile. Whether one uses it for just observation or character design, it works great.
I've also learned a lot from his mini lectures and tips during the class breaks. He gives so much information on even how he got to this level with the resources he's gone through. Amazing.

Has it been paying off? Definitely. Even though I feel that I've been falling behind in doing homework for that class and trying to understand all the material, I've improved quite a bit and I'm barely at the tip of the tip of the iceberg (super small). Here's the last drawing we did at Fullerton College earlier today.

Vis Com 1: Dynamic Sketching Week 5

Halfway through the term we went to the LA Zoo. Got a ton of sketches done in such a small amount of time. Not to mention the crazy crowds.
There are a few sketch feedbacks/tips done by my instructor Peter. If it has amazing bold line quality...then it's his. haha

The komodo on the bottom right of the page (below) and the kangaroo arm and gesture on the bottom right of the page (above) are Peter's tips for how to suggest details. Man, his line quality is amazing. Watching him put down those lines with pen in hand with such confidence...unbelievable.

These 2 are the "Re-Design" pages... couldn't think of a topic so I went to for a quick topic to tackle...They were doing "A Goblin's Best Friend" for the COW. (creature of the week)