Saturday, April 30, 2011

Self Portrait Sketch

Inspired by the birds
who always seem so happy
chirpin n singin
hoppin n waddlin
flying free
hardly busy like a bee
held high by sticky gel
which holds hair up quite well
the scent of fresh fruits
down to the very roots
oh, wow, I know how to rhyme
can someone spare me a dime?

Analytical Figure Drawing Done!!!

While I took this class, I was also attending a figure drawing class at Fullerton College as an "independent study student" so that I can do my homework and get more practice mileage. It was definitely a lot cheaper then going to workshops all the time. These are some of the drawings I did.

And these are some of the actual in class drawings I did at CDA.

But the real drawings I wanted to show are some of the amazing drawing feedback and demos that Kevin Chen (and occasionally Dan Holland the teacher assistant) gave me during the term.'s definitely worth the investment, but if you decide to take it, do the homework!

Week 1 demo that Kevin drew on my pad showing me a way to approach figure drawing.

Around week 7, when Kevin pointed out how to lay in the torso better and give it better perspective.

Yeah, amazing... he knocked this out in a couple of minutes while talking and explaining to me o_o

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vis Com 1: Dynamic Sketching DONE!!!

Thanks again to instructor Peter Han and T.A. Patrick!
And to my classmates... keep in touch!