Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week of Watercolors!

My neglected watercolor paints and brushes
Yellin' for me to use them, and so I did.
Started with a couple of nights doin' gestures
from hoofed and horned animals
then suids, kangaroos, and a baby rhino?

At the end of the week
I visited the old teach
to show what I've been up to
and to join in on the fun
of watercolor gestures and composition studies
while listening to live music
audacious tunes from Larry's Cello!

But before that Saturday Class
A trip to Chantry Flats
with my good friend Margaret Koo
a short hike through the trails
and vigilant leaps over the rocks and streams
recording the surroundings with our pens and paints
speaking with laughter of randomness
a fun tiring day
ending with sweet sounds of the ukulele
tickling me into relaxation
during a slow side street drive