Thursday, June 16, 2011


okay so this is more for you to make fun of me for being so behind.
I think I went through almost 20 thumbs...and I still really don't even have 5
comps that I'm satisfied with. So much going back and forth. Hope yours are coming
along well. Have fun with viscom and them bugs :]


  1. man 20 comps? gah i feel so lazy now...why do you insist on making me so lazy.... they look good so far! better than last weeks already. :) i like the last one and the 3rd one. maybe on the 3rd one you should put in a clear focal point cuz i feel like its kinda pulling me out of the comp because everything is pointing up? (but not really i are the one with the eye for comps anyway! haha. do what feels right) maybe a strong horizontal or sumthin. anyway i know you have lots more to do, these are about as finished as mine are looking too at this point T____T. also remamber to watch the edge parallel thingy he was talking bout on some esp. the 4th one down. anyway...also i think you should make that pyramid building even more huge and epic or maybe add more huts or/and maybe scale 'em down a bit? i like that one a lot! hope these are helpful suggestions. man im having so much trouble with lighting on mine T___T *makes custom face brush again*

  2. This heeeeeelps a looooooooooooot. cool, more to work on for tonight. Thankee zhankeee