Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still Life Painting

My first attempt at an Alla Prima one session still life kinda thing :D
~about a couple of hours I think/12"x16"
Very fun! Me wants to do more! After using Photoshop for a while... I want to use oils even more now! Mwahahaha!

(Still life set up by La Chica ;)

Intro to Digital Painting

Finished this class at Concept Design Academy.
Here are a few things I did near the end of the term.

Traditional Masters...copy by digital painting! fun and a good exercise. especially for learning how to make custom brushes and make textural effects to make it look traditional.
Do it!
Jusssss dew eeeet!

And some final things I worked on...yuck. haha.

This was a cool class. Learned a lot. I'm getting a good grasp on learning the tools of Photoshop and painting with it. What I got most out of this class is how to compose shots and techniques on how to execute a digital painting.
I recommend this class for those who are beginners in the medium and who like to do environments.
Jason Scheier is a pretty cool and funny instructor. informative and inspiring too, like many of the instructors at CDA. Top notch stuff yo!
you can check out his stuff here on his blog