Friday, September 30, 2011

Plein Air Painting! ¿QUE?!!!

Went with my S.O. to paint and frolic at Aliso Beach in Laguna.
My first attempts at Plein Air painting in oils! (90 and 60 mins each/8"x10")
It was a decent overcast day...haha! Good for painting conditions...but not so much for going to the beach!

Also checked out some art galleries nearby for some inspiration. Too bad that the main gallery we were looking for was closed T__T (Mian Situ Gallery)
We will definitely return again!

All I can say is...I have so much to learn learn learn and much much much more canvases to paint on to actually know what I'm doing. Will be taking a plein air painting class starting soon at 3kicks studio. Can't wait!


  1. ooo you didnt show me that second one! its nice too! i think you could use a bit more color in the paintings though to really get some focal points or points of satuation...but i dunno! landscapes are difficult...great job tho!

  2. eh? how did you not see it? I thought I showed it to you too...

    but yeah, you're right, I can see that colors need more saturation and better balance of warms and cools like you do. Thanks Mags!

  3. hmmm...gotta remind myself about edges too...