Friday, December 30, 2011

End of Painting Class!!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAH those 10 weeks went by so fast.
So many places to see and so many brushes to stroke!
Great class and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys to paint or want to start painting outdoors!
Tim is a great teacher and quite the character!

Week 7: A painting I did at some stables (Top)
and my instructors quick demo on the bottom half. Yeah yuh!

Week 8 at Arlington Garden

Week 9: Some classmate dude's backyard. If the brushstroke are awesome, that's cuz the teach finished it off for me as a demo paintover. Yepz.

Week 10 at someone's house again. The teach gets hookups from his students.
So hard to design that cloud haha


  1. long time no see man. nice paintings!

  2. Thanks Eddie! Yeah man long time no see. We gotta catch up sometime and share more of the things we're learnin about the world!