Monday, April 1, 2013

Tank Studies

More tanks.....
Got some great reference books for tanks and other military vehicles!
Did some studies with pens, markers...and back to watercolor
 to wind down this weekend :]

And Happy 79th Birthday grandma! XD


  1. These look amazing, man! You're work keeps improving by a lot every time I see it! Good work!

  2. Thanks DK! A lot of those things I've been learning, even from a couple of years ago are finally starting to kick in >_<

  3. Wow..these are so amazing...

    Sorry I saw them so late after you posted but really..looking really good!!

    Its good to see you doing watercolors again! Cant wait to see more from this medium from you again. Maybe you could try a series? like a mini sketchbook series? that would be pretty cool!

    and the value read is looking really good on the marker studies! damn you are going to kick my butt in adv. viscom ^^

    great work Yves :) thanks for sharing your progress :)

  4. Thanks Mags!

    Watercolors are usually a bit scary to start, and feels like it's getting worse during the middle...but somehow starts to go together after that XD

    Hmm a mini sketchbook series...thanks for the suggestion, I think I may do that...

    Thanks, hope you start posting your work too!